RIDDLE family researchers List

I searched for “Riddle” in the Laurens Co., SC mailing list archives and contaced the following researchers:

Robin Franks – great great grandchild of Martha Carolina Riddle (Mattie), who was born June 22, 1854 and died 6 Feb 1915. Martha Riddle married Mills Todd. Robin posted a query in 1998 about the ancestry of Martha Riddle. Donald Tucker posted the ancestry of Martha Caroline Riddle (Landrum, William, John) here. Robin, in turn, posted his descendancy chart here. However, I had a hard time reading the information because the generations are not numbered. I emailed Robin for clarification on the people he mentioned.

Donald J. Tucker – not sure how he is descended from the Riddle family, however he has posted that he has a lot of information on the Riddle family of Laurens Co., SC. He also posted that researchers have been searching for the parents of John Riddle for 15 plus years and still there is no more information. He also posted ancestry information for Martha Caroline Riddle (Landrum, William, John) here.

Don sent me a genealogy report for John Riddle of Laurens Co., SC. John Riddle was the oldest Riddle in the county, so most Laurens Co., SC Riddles have been linked to him. To Do: Review and input data from Don’s report re: John and Mary Higgins Riddle.

Bruce Smith – Bruce did not post specific messages about the Riddle family, however, in his list of surnames, he has the Riddle name listed. I emailed himon 6/4 to see what his Riddle connection was. I emailed him again on 6/15 with my Riddle connection and my Smith family information as well. He was looking for Smith connection in South Carolina. I believe now that my Smiths are from TN.


2 Responses to “RIDDLE family researchers List”

  1. I am Patrick R O’Shields
    my line to the Riddle’s are
    1- John and Mary Higgins Riddle are my Great Great Grandparents,
    2- their son Berry Riddle and Josie Eleanor are my Great Grandparents,
    3-Their son Calvin M Riddle and Carrie Anna Rampley are my Grandparents,
    their daughter Lillie Belle Riddle and Denny L O’Shields are my Parents, I have been researching my Family History many years , It appears every family line has a point you can not get passed. Because the history was not saved for family or papers were lost, What about the D,N,A Tests that was completed, and it was taken back to orange co Va, to a James Riddle,

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