Civil War pension application of Richard Smith

I received copies of Richard Smith’s pension application from my grandfather, Darrel Smith in June 2007. My goal is to transcribe them in their entirety.

Update 1/14/09: All 60 pages of the pension packet have been scanned and saved to my hardrive. I made two digital copies of each page, 1 .tif format and 1 .jpg format. The .tif files were moved to my external harddrive in the XL Files / Smith / Richard Smith Pension Application Files folder. The .jpg files were saved in genealogy/Smith/Richard Smith (1838-1913)/ Pension Application Files folder.

I started a word document – “index.doc” with a table that includes page no., date, and notes. I’m keeping the pages in their originally numbered order (by Darrel Smith).

Here is a copy of a survey Richard Smith submitted to the Pension Board. It is important because it lists Richard Smith’s two wives’ names and the names of his living children. Survey was submitted Aug 4, 1898:

Pension Survey returned by Richard Smith










Another thing to note about this survey is that Richard Smith listed his son Ray’s date of birth as Oct 9, 1866 and his son Preston’s date of birth as Aug 24, 1868. Preston Smith’s obituaries, death certificate, and headstone list his date of birth as Aug 15, 1866, which contradicts the information Richard provided on this survey, as well interferes with the birth date of Preston’s brother Ray Smith.


2 Responses to “Civil War pension application of Richard Smith”

  1. River Callahan Says:

    Very interesting to read your research. Claude Smith Sr was my Great Grandpa, Preston my 2nd Great, Richard 3rd, David 4th, and James 5th.

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