Genealogy Journal, 7/23/09

This week I was contacted by a Cheek family descendant that is tied into my Riddle family of Laurens Co., SC. She contacted me through my family tree that is posted on She must have a premium account with them because I don’t think you can contact other non-family members without paying for that service. Our connection is Willis Cheek who was the father of Levi Cheek who married William Riddle in Laurens Co., SC. She is descended from Levi’s half brother Willis Abram Cheek. She has an online tree posted to I downloaded information from her tree, including a photo of Willis Abram Cheek, into my Family Tree Maker software. She commented that the Cheeks had dark curly hair. They also have dark eyes and soft facial features. I told her that my Greenlee looked similarly as a young man.


3 Responses to “Genealogy Journal, 7/23/09”

  1. I am a descendant of the Riddle family from Lauren’s, sc. In the Lauren’s Library is a book on the Riddle family. I am researching the family also (along with many others). I have pictures of the two Riddle sisters who married into the Pulley family. Willing to talk if you wish. Contact me at

  2. Betty Cheek Patterson ( Watkinsville Ga.) Says:

    I am a descendant of Robert Calvin Cheek. My Dad was Melvin Robert Cheek son of Robert Calvin Cheek. There is a Willis Cheek, listed as the father of James William Cheek. He is listed as Robert Calvin Cheeks Father. If this is the same Cheek Family I would like to hear from you. If so you can contact me @ Have a Blessed day

    • Hi Betty,

      Thanks so much for writing!

      I see that James William Cheek was one of two twins born to Willis Cheek and his 2nd wife Elizabeth “Eliza” Gray. James’ twin brother was Willis Abram Cheek. They were born 17 Dec 1833 in South Carolina. They were about 21 years of age when their father Willis Cheek died. However, he wrote his will in 1845 when they were only 12 years old and at that time, he willed to them the balance of his estate, land or negros, to be equally distributed. Both twins received several negros and about 400 acres of land each along with some of their father’s personal property when he died.

      I am descended from Willis Cheek’s daughter Levina or Levy Cheek who married William Riddle. Levy’s mother was Jemima Sanders, Willis Cheek’s first wife. Jemima died between 1820 and 1830 in Laurens Co., SC.

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