Johnson County Library

Today I sent off a request to the Johnson County Library for copies of a few pages from the Johnson County Historical Society Journal. Pages 6-14 from the April 1980 edition has marriage records from Johnson County, AR that include my Smith family. I emailed the library and they said all I had to do was send a SASE to the library with my request and a check for $2.00 for copy costs and they would mail the copies back to me! I can’t wait to receive them! And if this process goes as smoothly as I hope it will, I will send them more requests.

By the way, I found my Smith family in these journals by using the Book Index database on rootsweb. Simply type in your ancestor’s first and last name and then select the title you wish to search in and the database will bring back a list of results for that name.


2 Responses to “Johnson County Library”

  1. Hi Ginger,

    I’m wondering if you had good results regarding your request for copies of the pages from the Johnson County Historical Society Journal? I descend from Anthony Smith through his son Joseph Smith, and Joseph’s son Richard Smith. Richard Smith married Martha Jane McClure in Nov 1870 Johnson County, Arkansas. These were my grandmother Minnie Smith’s parents.

  2. Hi, The Johnson County Library was very nice to work with. I just typed up the list of what pages out of what journals I wanted copied and mailed it to them with my $2.00 and SASE and they sent back my copies within a couple of weeks. I would love to talk to you about this Anthony Smith family. I have some info on this line and would like to fill in some gaps.

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