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Smith Family Entries From Mickel’s Johnson Co AR Compilation

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In my last post, I talked about a new book that I had found that I thought would help me locate my ancestor, David Smith in Johnson County, Arkansas. I was able to locate the book at the NC State Library, however I was not able to find my David Smith in the index. I did, however, briefly skim through and jot down some other Smith families that I thought would be of interest to me.

Source: Johnson Country, Arkansas Probate court records : wills, estate settlements, deeds, 1835 tax list–1840 census:, over 10,000 names by R. W. Mikel.

Repository: NC Gen Library, c.r. no. 929.3A8j0M625j

The following are selected SMITH entries from this book. Book was skimmed very quickly on 12/29/08

Note: Probate Records – pp 11-45 & Will Book A records – pp 45-123

Date Name Abstract Record Type Page

1836 Abram T Smith Deed book C, earliest book in the courthouse: Abram T Smith, 1836 Deed Book C 1

1838 John Smith Deed book C, earliest book in the courthouse: John Smith, 1838 Deed Book C 1

1840 Henry Smith (of Logan Co., KY) Deed book D, 1840, John Howell to Henry Smith, Jr of Logan Co., KY. Deed Book D 6

1854 Anthony Smith Anthony Smith, decd, Apr 1854: widow – Winnafred; 3 sons – Washington, Joseph, and Daniel. Will Book A 46 – See related post here

1857 Moses Grider Moses Grider decd 1862, widow Mary Grider, son Hinkley Grider Will Book A 46

1858 David Lee David Lee estate, Oct term 1858 wife Anna Lee; GW Smith and wife Ester, dau of David Lee; Joseph Smith and wife Harriet, dau of david Lee; W William McDaniel and wife Mady C, dau of David Lee; Resin Lee; William H Lee; John Lee; Mary Lee, a minor. Probate 28

1860 William Henry Lee William Henry Lee Will, 1860, Johnson Co., AR: William Henry Lee, decd. brothers and sisters heirs. Ester wife of George W Smith; Harriet, wife of Joseph Smith, Resin Lee; Mary Elizabeth, wife of Rufus Turner; John Lee; Madie wife of William McDaniel Will Book A 58

1862 Anthony Smith Anthony Smith, decd, Apr 1854: widow – Winnafred; 3 sons – Washington, Joseph, and Daniel. Will Book A ?

1862 Resin Lee Resin Lee, decd, 1862, not married; brothers and sisters heirs: Mary Elizabeth, wife of J R Turner; Mady, wife of William McDaniel; Ester, wife of George W Smith, Harriet wife of Joseph Smith; and John Lee. Will Book A ?

1864 Daniel Smith Daniel Smith dec, 1864, heirs, Joseph A and Walter Smith, + Dicey Coley, now Hamelton Will Book A 56

1868 Permelia (md to John Smith) Eli Patty decd, Apr 5 1868, minor heirs, Isaac and Emmaline. Others, Duncan McMillon, Thomas B. Patty; John C Patty; James M Primm; Per____ (should be Permilia) Smith, Hiram Dacus and wife. Probate 40

1868 Eli Patty Eli Patty decd, Apr 5 1868, heirs: Jane, wife of Duncan McMillan; Thomas B Patty, Miranda Primm; Isaac Patty; Parmelia, wife of John Smith; Sarah, wife of Hiram Dacus, John Patty; James Patty of Cali; and Emeline J Patty. Will Book A 57

1916 W E Smith Will of W. E. Smith, 1916, decd, heirs Mrs. M A Shelton; Mrs L V Hill; and J F Smith Will Book A 100

1918 Nobel Smith Will of Nobel Smith, dec, 1918, J E Smith Adm., heirs brothers and sisters Minnie Cater and Mattie Smith Will Book A 100